Name: Michael Zerance
Company: Reliacraft
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

What does your company do?
I am the owner and project manager for ReliaCraft which is a home improvement company. We provide home remodeling, repair, and handyman services. We also custom fabricate cabinetry, wall units, doors, countertops, and more.

What do you use nBill for?
My main attraction to nBill is the ability to create quotes and invoices that are accessible to the customer on my website. This allows me to take deposits and payments online. I also track all my expenses and other income in nBill which gives me a completely integrated quoting, billing, and accounting system.

What were you doing before you started using nBill?
I used QuickBooks (by Intuit) for seven years. Not only was it expensive, it was also a large, complex system which did not fit in with my small business needs. For larger businesses, it may be appropriate. For small businesses, it is just too overly complicated and unnecessary.

What difference has nBill made to you?
Since converting to nBill, I have been able to move my entire business online. This allows me to access customer account information, quotes, invoices, payment data, and more while on the go from my mobile phone. I am now able to create an invoice for services while still on the job site. Also, I can edit and make changes to quotes while in a customer's home which expedites the quote approval process and allows me to take deposit payments immediately.

Why did you choose nBill over other products?
The simple answer is that it is the most comprehensive online billing and accounting solution available.

I searched for months to find an appropriate program for my business. While some of the billing solutions available seemed promising, nBill was the only one that contained ALL of the features that I was looking for. Some of the features that I was looking for included:

  • Tight integration with my website.
  • Ability to provide quotes (this may seem obvious, but there are several billing solutions out there that do not provide the option to send estimates).
  • Seamless online payment gateway integration.
  • Easy expense tracking.
  • Simplified accounting reports for year end taxes.
  • Possibility to customize the front end to fit my website.
  • Inexpensive. There are a lot of online services available that are feature rich, but they charge a hefty monthly fee.
  • Database control. I wanted to host my own database to have full access and control over all of my customer and billing data.

Any other comments?
I have been using nBill for several years now. While it has not been developed for my specific business model, I have been able to easily customize it to fit my needs.

It is not easy to migrate to a new billing/accounting system, so I don't want to have to do it again. This means that I needed to find a solution that could grow with my business. I made the decision to commit to nBill for the foreseeable future because of the abundance of features, ease of use, the fact that it is actively being developed and improved, and because the developer is extremely responsive to support requests through both his website forum and his support ticket system.

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