Name: Helmut Watterott
Company: Media-Slave
Location: Greenock, Scotland

What does your company do?
Web Design, Web Hosting, Graphics and everything creative.

What do you use nBill for?
Billing, billing cycles, add-hoc billing and invoicing and my own book keeping.

What were you doing before you started using nBill?
Using Excel. :(

What difference has nBill made to you?
I have been using nBill for 4 years now and it has made invoicing and receiving payements very easy. It also looks professional and allows your clients to log in and see their past invoices.

Why did you choose nBill over other products?
Mainly because of its seamless integration with Joomla, but as time goes by the added functions have made it one of the most powerful and flexible invoicing/billing/bookkeeping systems around (I think it is not sold as a bookkeeping system but the way I use it has made my tax calculations at the end of the year a doddle).

Any other comments?
The support has been great everytime I needed to use it, it has been stable and I use it on 4 websites, including the free version and some free versions on some of my client websites.

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