Kay SpringName: Kay Spring
Company: CMS Web Services
Location: Alabama, USA

What does your company do?
I’ve been building websites for more than ten years now and I’m always looking for new solutions for my company and my clients’. When I discovered nBill I realized that this would fulfill almost every need for an online accounting solution.

What do you use nBill for?
With my web design company, clients purchase development work, maintenance plans or additional features for their projects. With my community site OurChelsea.com, clients purchase banner space and receive recurring invoices from nBill.

What were you doing before you started using nBill?
I didn’t have any accounting software prior to using nBill, I did everything manually.

What difference has nBill made to you?
It allows me to offer more services and easily collect payments and generate recurring invoices. My clients can just login select additional features for their site and make their payments with no interaction from me. Wow, I never knew accounting was so easy. There are no mistakes and fewer questions from clients, as their accounts can be reviewed at any time.

Why did you choose nBill over other products?
Honestly, I didn’t look at any other software. I found nBill on the Joomla Extension site and liked everything about it. I even offer it as an addon to my clients, they buy the license and pay me to install.

Any other comments?
nBill is well thought-out, easy to use and implement and it’s the only software I recommend when my clients need an accounting solution.

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