Name: Kevin Morrison
Company: 3 Geeks Network
Location: Idaho, USA

What does your company do?
We are a group of designers, developers and coders that have come together to develop, create and host great websites. 3 Geeks Network is the parent company of a group of websites that are dedicated to the needs of the digital community. We are well versed in XHTML and web standards, to that end we will obey the rules and design and host with integrity.

What do you use nBill for?
nBill allows us to offer a more personal experience for our customers and a way for them to access their billing for us on our website. The ability to integrate billing within our website offers added value to our clients.

What were you doing before you started using nBill?
Before nBill we used PayPal as our primary source to create and submit invoices. As good as PayPal is at this we needed a more robust and detailed way to bill our clients and have more control over how we serve them.

What difference has nBill made to you?
nBill not only streamlines our website design and hosting but has allowed us to offer services in a way that was not possible with any other product we tried.

Why did you choose nBill over other products?
We tried several products to manage our billing. The others that we tried had several problems that we were not eager to try and correct. Among them was poor English translation and wording which filtered down into support where we were unable to understand the solution. nBill also offered a more robust admin area with a fluid and dynamic range of options that made for easy navigation and workflow. More important to us was the general layout of nBill and its ability to morph into any style we needed.

Any other comments?
As with any product great support is a must and nBill provides this without hassle and with easy to understand solutions. You can tell when a developer cares about the program they are creating because it shows in the details. nBill is easy to setup and easy to navigate with all the tools you need to create stylish invoices and look professional in the way you conduct your business. A great admin area not only for the website owner to create, organize and deliver their billing but for their clients as well to manage how they pay and keep track of all their payments to us. The fact that the price of nBill was inline with what we could afford made it an easy choice.

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