Name: Tony Byng
Company: The Company Merchant Limited
Location: Redditch, UK

What does your company do?
I've been a programmer for nearly 25 years and 15 years ago the family business was set up. Whilst we do small amounts of development work for others, the main bulk of the work is interfacing to Companies House. The company setup is to provide business services to companies, and specifically forming a limited company for them.

What do you use nBill for?
With around 1500 companies formed in the UK every day and us having our own slice of that, setting up a limited company online needs to be as automated as possible and this is where nBill helps out.

What were you doing before you started using nBill?
Prior to using nBill, we used our own internally developed accounts software (developed by me) which worked but was a few years old and didnt have many reporting options. At the time, we were reviewing the use of a CMS system to make it easier for our website updates and came across nBill for Joomla. We actually went with Joomla purely because of nBill.

What difference has nBill made to you?
For us, the key reason for using nBill is its events handling system. We have our formation system on a second server. nBills event system allows us to drop the Joomla registration process completely so when someone signs up  or updates their contact details, we can generate some PHP code in the events system to go through to the second server to keep it in sync with the main database. Also, when particular invoices are raised, we have a need to update a database, so, when someone orders something, the event checks what the product is and updates the database accordingly.

I had a choice of spending months rewriting our own system or use nBill which pretty much did everything we needed and had open database structures so we could extend it ourselves. Yes I have the advantage of being a PHP developer but nBill does what we need and thats why we use it. We've not seen this level of event handling in any other system and their support is second to none. There are a select group of developers that put as much effort into support as nBill do and nBill v2 is looking great

Why did you choose nBill over other products?
We needed a web based invoicing system so that invoices could be automatically emailed to our customers as soon as the company was formed and didnt want to go with a hosted third party accounts system because we needed something that would link in with our Joomla database of 10,000 customers without having to keep a third party system up to date.

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