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nTicketnTicket is a simple helpdesk ticketing system for nBill (works on Joomla! only - not yet fully compatible with Wordpress). You can try it out on the demonstration site here: http://www.nbill.co.uk/demo/component/nbill/?action=nb_helpdesk&Itemid=466 (Opens in a new window).

nTicket includes the following features:

  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited operators (tickets can be assigned to an operator)
  • Customisable forms for defining which fields should appear on a new ticket (thus enabling you to capture extra data such as login details)
  • Optionally allow guest access to tickets via a token in the URL
  • Optionally send a copy of all tickets to an administrator email address
  • Optionally send a copy of tickets that are marked urgent to a different email address
  • Publish a broadcast message (eg. to warn of delays during busy periods, or known issues)
  • Self-service help with links to FAQs or other documentation shown depending on whether certain keywords are used in the message
  • Access tickets through the front end or the back end of nBill
  • Specify pre-requisite products before allowing submission to a category (allowing you to require a support subscription to be purchased before tickets can be raised in that category)
  • Search for tickets, re-assign tickets, set status, etc.
  • Optionally allow BBCode in ticket messages for formatting
  • Up to 3 attachments per message allowed
  • Warning displayed if another message has been added to the ticket while you were typing a reply, or if you use the word 'attach' but fail to attach any files

It does NOT (yet) include some features found in more advanced systems such as e-mail piping, time tracking, or invoice generation from a ticket.

This extension includes English and Dutch language files.

nTicket Helpdesk Extension £20.00

You can download the complete nTicket documentation.

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