nBill Multi-Purpose Module (Joomla only)

nBill Multi-Purpose Module (Joomla only)
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10 November 2014
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This module for nBill AND nBill Lite is configurable to output various items from your nBill database. It can output links to the various front-end pages, a list of outstanding invoices, with the option to pay one or all of them, a list of orders due for renewal (standard edition only), with the option to renew, and a few other things. You can configure what items are output using the module parameters.

This module works with all versions of Joomla.

This is NOT an nBill extension and cannot be installed using the nBill extension installer, it is a Joomla module that must be installed using the appropriate Joomla installer. This module is released under the GPL v2 license. nBill itself is released under its own license.

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