HTML2PS/PDF (Legacy PDF Generator)

HTML2PS/PDF (Legacy PDF Generator)
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10 November 2014
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PLEASE NOTE: Although this library still works with nBill 3, it is no longer being developed or supported, and has been replaced by DomPDF (which is also faster and less resource-intensive). For new installations (nBill 3 and above), please use DomPDF instead. DomPDF does not work with nBill 2, so if you still have nBill 2, you will need to use HTML2PS/PDF.


If you want to be able to preview your invoices as PDFs (useful if you want to print them out with a separate page for each invoice), you can use this additional library called HTML2PS. This script was not included in the standard component installation, because it takes up a lot of disk space, and you only need it if you really need to print PDF versions of your invoices. There may also be security implications when using this library (see below).

Create the following folder on your website:


...and extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded into that folder. The PDF Preview button will then become available on the invoice list in the Administration area of the component.

Please Note: This script uses up quite a lot of memory, so should be used sparingly. In our experience, your PHP memory limit needs to be set to 64M or higher (in php.ini).

Please Also Note: The default HTML2PS library as supplied on the tufat website, includes sample scripts which are not recommended for publishing on a live website - they could easily be used by hackers and either hijacked (other people using your server resources for their own purposes), or used as the basis for a denial of service (DoS) attack.  The zip file provided on this site has had these sample files removed for improved security. However, if you choose to use this script - whether downloaded from here or not - you do so entirely at your own risk. We have not thoroughly checked the security of each file in this large library - there may be security holes which could leave your website open to abuse. As this library is not authored by us, we have no direct control over the content or behaviour of the PDF production feature.

This is NOT an nBill extension and cannot be installed using the nBill extension installer, nor the Joomla installer. You have to physically copy the files into a folder as described above.

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