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08 November 2014
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This is a fully functional payment gateway for US merchants can sign up for an account with here, UK merchants can now do so here. Supports recurring payments, free trials, and setup fees.

If you have an SSL certificate installed, and your order forms etc. are served over https, this gateway will communicate directly with, and the customer will never leave your site. If you do not use SSL, the customer will be redirected to's secure server for credit card detail capture and authorization (note: recurring payments cannot be taken unless you use SSL - does not allow subscriptions to be set up by redirecting the customer to them). does not reliably send callbacks to confirm payment if you do not use SSL, so invoices might not be marked as paid automatically. It is therefore strongly recommended that you use an SSL certificate with this gateway, and set the 'Use SSL for ALL pages?' option to 'yes' in nBill global configuration.

Recurring payments have a maximum subscription length of 3 years (imposed by - if you select to have the gateway update the order expiry date (there is a parameter that allows this), it will set the expiry to either the card expiry date, or 3 years' time - whichever comes first.

If you are NOT using SSL, the only way to return the user to your site after payment is to use the hosted receipt page and supply a link on there to return to your site. You can do this by logging into your merchant control panel at, selecting Account->Settings->Receipt Page->Receipt Method, and entering the following URL (where is your actual website address):

Do not try to use a relay URL nor a silent response URL, as these do not work properly due to limitations in the way works and the way nBill can receive callbacks through Joomla.

This is an nBill extension. Use the extension installer in nBill to install it.

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