eWAY Payment Gateway

eWAY Payment Gateway
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08 November 2014
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This is a fully functional payment gateway for eWAY (A leading Australian payment service provider). Supports recurring payments.

If you have an SSL certificate installed, and your order forms etc. are served over https, this gateway will communicate directly with eWAY, and the customer will never leave your site. If you do not use SSL, the customer will be redirected to eWAY`s secure server for credit card detail capture and authorization (note: recurring payments cannot be taken unless you use SSL - eWAY does not allow subscriptions to be set up by redirecting the customer to them).

As this gateway uses both direct communication with the Payment Service Provider AND redirection to the PSP, it provides an excellent basis on which to build your own payment gateway. 

This is an nBill extension. Use the extension installer in nBill to install it.

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