Quantum Payment Gateway

Quantum Payment Gateway
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08 November 2014
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This is a BETA release of a gateway for Quantum (www.quantumgateway.com), developed by Axsys Technology Group. The following notes have been supplied by the author:


1. In order to support recurring charges, the "Order Form" should have a field named RID, which contains the "recipe ID" (which is Quantum speak for "recurring ID" on their side). This is passed as a parameter to the Gateway.

2. The amounts passed through to Quantum by nBill override any amount provided in the Quantum recipe.

3. There is no way to override the frequency (or what Quantum calls the cycle) because they don't provide a parameter for it). However, I'm working with Quantum in order to supply one.

Known Issues:

1. Currently, the return URL for success or failure are one and the same, and the gateway integration form only provides one place for one URL. In the near future, I will be modifying this so that it provides two fields, and will then modify the code to support two (one for success and one for failure) if both are provided.

2. Since Quantum provides the concept of TEST accounts, I'm going to modify the gateway form to allow for extra fields that will hold the values for the test account. Then, one extra field will be used to tell it whether to process transaction using the real account or the test account. That way, it can all be done using one field after everything is setup.

3. There are a few places for improvements, but I've placed TODO items throughout the code so that I can go back and improve them.

This is an nBill extension. Use the extension installer in nBill to install it.

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