First, make sure your server meets the requirements listed on the pre­requisites page, in particular, make sure that ionCube is installed. Then download the latest version of the nBill component and save it on your computer.

Installing on Joomla!

Go to Extensions->Extension Manager and make sure the 'Upload Package File' tab is selected.

Then click on ‘Browse…’ and locate the zip file on your local computer. Click on the ‘Upload and Install’ button to install the component. Please be patient, as it might take a while for the component to upload.

If you get an error message or a blank screen, you can try selecting the 'Install from URL' tab, and enter the following URL:

...then click on 'Install'.

Installing on Wordpress

Unzip the nBill package file on your computer (all of the files will be extracted into a folder named 'nbill'), and upload the 'nbill' folder to your website's wp-content/plugins folder (using an FTP client or file manager). Then login to Wordpress admin, go to Plugins, and click on the 'Activate' link next to the listing for nBill (or nBill Lite).

Problems Installing?

If nBill will not install, please see this topic for more information on what you can do (and if you have a specific error message, refer to the other articles in the installation troubleshooting category.

After Installation

When the component is installed, you can go straight to the ‘Components’ menu and select ‘nBill’ (in Joomla!), or just select nBill from the main menu in Wordpress. The first time you use the component, you will be prompted to enter a license key. On subsequent occasions, you will be taken straight to the component’s dashboard.