The anomaly report examines your records to look for any inconsistencies in the data, or anything that looks potentially suspicious, in an attempt to alert you about any problems so that you can correct them. Just because a record appears on the anomaly report does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong, just that you might need to investigate whether there is a problem or not.

To access the anomaly report, select Reports->Anomaly Report from the main menu as shown in figure 7.5.

Figure 7.5 - Accessing the Anomaly Report

This takes you to a page which allows you to select a date range and which aspects of your data you want to check. You can choose to report on all of your data or specify a date range, and can also select which checks to make. Click on the 'Search for Anomalies' button to run the checks and display the report.

If one of the checks detects one or more anomalies, a description of what it means and what you can do about it is displayed, followed by a list of affected records.