This is a log of all of the e-mails sent by nBill, or that nBill has attempted to send. If an e-mail could not be sent, an error message is shown against the log entry. To access the e-mail log, select Reports->E-Mail Log from the nBill menu as shown in figure 7.6

Figure 7.6 - Accessing the E-Mail Log

This takes you to a list of e-mails that have been sent during the current month (but you can change the date range). You can filter down the list to a particular date range, to just show emails that were sent successfully or just those that failed, and by type (pending order, order, quote, or invoice), as well as by recipient. If there is an associated record (eg. an invoice), a link to the record and a preview button (magnifying glass icon, if applicable) will be shown for you to view or edit the record.

Click on a subject line to view the full contents of the e-mail in a popup window.