If you are using nominal ledger codes, you can see a breakdown of how much income/expenditure is assigned to each code, and how each code compares to the overall income or expenditure (shown as a percentage). This can be very useful for planning your business decisions by concentrating on the areas that bring in most revenue, and cutting costs in the most expensive areas.

To access the nominal ledger report, select Reports->Ledger Report from the main menu, as shown in figure 7.2.

Figure 7.2 - Accessing the Ledger Report

This will open the ledger report in the default 'collapsed' view - ie. just showing a summary of the total income and expenditure for each nominal ledger code, with the percentage. You can expand individual ledger codes to see the full list of transactions that make up the total for that ledger code, by clicking on the little + icon at the far left of each row. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Expand All' button to see all of the transactions.

As with the transaction statement, you can click on links within the details to view or edit the associated records. There are also 2 separate 'printer friendly' links at the top-right, which allow you to open a reduced formatting version of the report in a new window, either expanded or collapsed.