The snapshot report shows a list of all of the invoices that were still outstanding (ie. had not been paid) on a given date. By default, the report shows today's date, but you can set it to any date in the past to see what invoices were outstanding on that day. This can be useful for year end accounting.

To access the snapshot report, click on Reports->Snapshot Report on the main nBill menu as shown in figure 7.4.

Figure 7.4 - Accessing the Snapshot Report


The report shows all invoices that were outstanding on the selected date, even if they were later paid in full or written off. If any of the invoices shown were partially paid on the snapshot date, only the outstanding (unpaid) amount is shown in the net, tax, and gross columns - the total for the entire invoice (including the paid amount) is shown in the Invoice Total column. The columns to the right show whether the invoice was later paid, partially paid, or written off.

You can open a printer-friendly version of the report in a new window by clicking on the link at the top-right, or click on the CSV Download link to download the report in CSV file format.