The first of the six reports currently available (not including the sales graphs shown on the dashboard) is a list of all of the income and expenditure - amalgamated, with a running total of the profit/loss for the selected date range. The presentation is similar to a normal bank statement, but the balance shown is the actual profit or loss for the period between the start of the selected date range and the date of the entry (it has nothing to do with your actual bank balance at that time!).

To access the transaction statement, select Reports->Transaction Statement from the main menu, as shown in figure 7.1.

Figure 7.1 - Accessing the Transaction Statement

This will take you to the report. By default, the date range is selected to start on the first day of the previous month, and show all transactions up to the current date, but you can change the date range using the controls provided.

If you have transactions in more than one currency, you will be offered a tab for each currency. The list contains all of your income and expenditure items for the given date range, with nothing excluded (unlike the tax summary report, where items can be excluded). Where a reference is made to another record within nBill (eg. a client, invoice, credit note, etc.), a link is provided for you to either view or edit the record (you will return to the transaction report after saving or cancelling from that record).

At the top-right, a printer-friendly link allows you to see the whole report as a flat list with reduced formatting so that you can use your browser's print facility to create a hard copy.