A single payment gateway is supplied with nBill, which will allow your users to pay for their orders using Paypal. Gateways for other payment service providers (PSPs) are available for download from the nBill website, and some third party companies also provide gateways to link nBill with other payment service providers (all gateways offered for download on the nBill website are free of charge, but 3rd parties might charge for their gateways).

Payment gateways can be installed or deleted, and you can have as many different gateways as you like (for example, if you want to give your users a choice of PSPs). Gateways are vendor independent, so a single gateway can be used by all vendors (although it is recommended that only a single vendor be used for online trading as products, order forms, etc., can only belong to a single vendor). It is not possible to save different gateway settings for different vendors.

To see what payment gateways you have installed, select Website->Payment Gateways from the main menu as shown in figure 4.9.

Figure 4.9 - Accessing the Payment Gateway List

This will take you to a list of the payment gateways that you have installed.

If you click on the 'New' toolbar button, this will take you to the Extensions installer for you to upload a new gateway package. Click on a gateway name to edit the settings for that gateway. The settings for each gateway will be different, depending on the features and restrictions imposed by the payment service provider, so refer to the comments on-screen for information about what to enter in each setting.