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The Enhanced Domain Checker extension allows you to add a new field type to your order forms which can be used to check whether a domain name has been registered or not. This extension works on both Joomla! and Wordpress. You can choose which Top Level Domains (TLDs) the user is allowed to select from (by specifying the options as you would for a standard dropdown list control), and associate a different product with each option if required - thus allowing you to charge different amounts for different TLDs.

Over 60 whois servers are supplied with the extension, which cover all of the most popular TLDs, however, if you want to add support for a TLD not covered by any of the supplied whois servers, you can add your own whois server to the list (NOTE: not every TLD has a whois server that can be consulted automatically, as some require human intervention to enter a 'captcha' security code - this is rare, but you are advised to check before you buy).

Please try out the extension on the nBill demonstration site (http://www.nbill.co.uk/demo - opens in a new window) before purchase. You can login as an administrator using the link on the demo site home page (user: admin, password: demo) to try out the administration features, including adding whois servers.

This extension includes English, Dutch, and German language files.

Enhanced Domain Name Checker £5.00

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