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QuotationsA quote record in nBill represents a quotation document along with any correspondence between you and your client about the client's requirements and how you propose to fulfil them. Quotes support a workflow which might typically go like this:

  1. A user of your website fills in a quote request form which captures the details of their requirements.
  2. A new quote record is created automatically in nBill, with the details that were submitted on the form included as 'correspondence', and a potential client record is also created.
  3. Before you can provide a price, you might determine that you need some extra information from the client, so you set the status of the quote to 'on hold'. When you do this, nBill prompts you to send a message to the client, requesting whatever further information you need. Your message is appended to the correspondence of the quote.
  4. The client replies to your message, providing the extra information required (their message is appended to the correspondence).
  5. You work out a total price, perhaps broken down into several items each with their own HTML description and price, and even with several different payment frequencies. You change the status of the quote to 'quoted'. This prompts you to send the quote to the client.
  6. The client receives the quote and decides to accept all of it, or perhaps just certain items. They check the items they want to accept, and are prompted to pay a deposit. The 'potential client' is promoted to a normal client record, one or more order records are created automatically, as is an invoice. The balance can be paid in installments or just deferred until after the work is complete. If several payment frequencies are needed, the client will be prompted to set up each payment schedule separately.

This is just an example of how the workflow might progress - you might not need to go through all of those steps, or you might require payment in full rather than a deposit, but it gives you an idea of what can be done.

A quote record can be created manually by an administrator in the back end as well as automatically by a user submitting a quote request form in the front end.

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