nBill is a billing component for the Joomla!™ and Wordpress™ Content Management Systems. Joomla! and Wordpress are free open source CMSs which can be used to manage the content of your website. nBill adds further functionality to Joomla or Wordpress to enable you to manage financial transactions, orders, quotes, and invoicing for your business, and to offer products and services for sale online using order forms that you can build yourself.

At present, there is no standalone version of nBill available - you have to already have either Joomla or Wordpress installed. If you host your Joomla website with us, we will install Joomla and nBill for you.

You do not have to sell products online to make use of nBill – it can be used to record transactions of offline sales and subscriptions as well as for e-commerce. It is especially useful for subscriptions or recurring payments for which invoices need to be generated on a regular basis. The intention is that this component will provide you with all of the features you need to manage all of your business bookkeeping – at the end of your fiscal year, you can then just hand over the records to your accountant (either by giving him/her access to your installation of nBill, or by printing off the necessary reports about your transactions).

The core product does not provide a typical 'online shop' (however, there is a separate nBill extension available called 'nCart' which allows you the option of using a traditional shopping cart, and using Joomla content articles to browse products online - nCart is not yet compatible with Wordpress). Products can be ordered and paid for online, by means of order forms that you can customise. This makes nBill particularly useful for businesses that provide services or subscriptions.


Joomla! and Wordpress are trademarks of their respective owners. nBill is not directly affiliated with Joomla! or Wordpress, it is a third party product which integrates with Joomla! or Wordpress.