nBill Core:

  • Programming: Russell Walker, Netshine Software Limited.
  • Testing: Russell Walker, Emily Walker, and lots of beta testers in the community!
  • Documentation: Russell Walker.
  • Production Babies: Rachael Walker (26th February 2007).

Third Party Libraries and Scripts:

All third party scripts and libraries that are distributed with nBill are released under licenses that allow inclusion within proprietary and commercial applications. Where conditions were imposed by the copyright holder at the time of incorporating these scripts into nBill, those conditions have been complied with thoroughly.

  • HTML Editor: nicEdit, Brian Kirchoff.
  • Tooltips: Overlib, Erik Bosrup.
  • Zip File Handling: dUnzip2, Alexandre Tedeschi.
  • Captcha: HKCaptcha, Han-Kwang Nienhuys.
  • Calendar Control: dhtmlGoodies Calendar, Alf Magne Kalleland.
  • Javascript URLEncode: Cass-Hacks (official statement: "This product includes software developed by Cass-hacks.com (http://cass-hacks.com/) and its contributors").
  • E-Mail: phpMailer, Worx International.
  • Colour Picker: JSColor, Jan Odvarko.
  • Lightbox: TinyBox2, Michael at scriptiny.com.
  • Product List (in invoices/quotes): Collapsible Lists, Stephen Morley.
  • Data Serialization: Javascript Serialize, php.js.
  • Graphs, Charts, and QR Codes: Google Charts.
  • Various snippets from the public domain (all such snippets are identified by comments in the source code)

nBill may also make calls to or receive calls from other scripts and programs that are already present on the user's web server, but that are not distributed with nBill.