Important! If you enter the wrong value in 'Live Site' when ordering a license key it will not work and you will have to pay extra to get it changed, or order an additional license key using the correct value. Refunds and replacements are NOT issued if you enter the wrong value so make sure you fully understand this page before ordering a license key! If you have not purchased a key before, make sure you order a free trial license key before you buy a license key - then you can make sure you are using the correct value without wasting any money.

nBill can be licensed to a particular website (single site license), or to a particular domain (domain-wide license). Free trial keys are always single site licenses. If, and only if, you order a domain-wide license, just enter the domain name (eg. if your Joomla or Wordpress site is at, you would just enter as the 'live site').

If you order a single site license, you must enter the exact 'live site' value for the site you want to use nBill on (eg. if your Joomla or Wordpress site is at, you would need to enter all of that as the 'live site').

How to find your 'Live Site' value for single site licenses

To find out what value you should use when ordering a license key, login to Joomla Administrator, and click on the Preview link at the top right, or login to Wordpress Admin, hover over the site name at the top left, and click on the 'Visit Site' link. Then copy the address from the browser address bar, but remove the / (slash) from the end (if present). If your website is accessible from more than one address, the address you use to access Joomla administrator is the one you should use, but without the /administrator folder (since nBill license keys are only checked when accessing the administration features, not the front-end featues).

Preview Link (Joomla!) Preview Link (Wordpress)
Live Site Address

Please Note: Under no circumstances should your 'live site' setting end in a slash / or /index.php. It should be either a complete domain name or a domain name plus folder but without a trailing slash - eg. if your live site setting says, you would need to include the /joomla bit (this is an example only - don't add /joomla unless your live site setting says so). In rare circumstances, it might also include a port number after the domain name (a colon : followed by a number).

License keys ordered for addresses that start with http:// will also work on https:// addresses, and keys for addresses with a www. prefix will also work without the www.

Using nBill on localhost

If your live site setting starts with 'http://localhost', do not use this value to request a license key. Use the live site setting from your live website - it will still work on localhost, regardless of the value. As free trial license keys are restricted to one per live site, you will not be able to order a key for most localhost values, so you must use the live value.

If in doubt, check with us before purchase. If you have a problem with your license key, you can also check this page.