If you have been using nBill for a few years, you will find that your database contains a lot of historical data which you probably won't want to keep forever (there might even be data protection legislation in your country that requires you to delete customer data over a certain age). The housekeeping feature allows you to delete records that are past a certain age or have not been access for a certain length of time. To access the housekeeping feature, select Configuration->Housekeeping from the main menu as shown in figure 3.13.

Figure 3.13 - Accessing Housekeeping

This brings up a list of checkboxes for the various types of record that can be cleared down, along with the option to select the age at which to begin deleting records, and a 'Preview Deletions' button. Clicking the button will NOT delete any records, but will show you a summary of which records will be deleted if you proceed. You then have the option of going ahead and deleting the old records, or aborting.