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nCartnCart is a shopping cart extension for nBill (on Joomla! only - not yet compatible with Wordpress). This is an optional extra which allows you to use a traditional shopping cart interface for placing orders as an alternative or in addition to using standard customisable order forms. You can try it out on the demonstration site here: http://www.nbill.co.uk/demo/shopping-cart-demo (Opens in a new window).

The nCart extension comprises 3 elements:

  • The plugin, which outputs the 'add to cart' button, and can also optionally output a quantity selector and information pulled through from the nBill product record (eg. price, product name, description). This can be used in any of your Joomla articles to enable items to be added to the shopping cart as the user browses your website.
  • The module, which outputs a cart summary showing either the item count and total, or optionally displaying the entire cart contents. The module also shows a checkout button.
  • The nBill extension itself, which handles the checkout process, and allows for the shopping cart to be saved.

Whilst nCart is a relatively simple system, it does include the following features:

  • Ability to display information about the nBill product directly in your Joomla content - thus allowing you to update the product name, description, and price in nBill and having this reflected automatically in your website catalog.
  • Items listed in the shopping cart summary during checkout are linked back to the page that was used to add the item to the cart, with named anchors that allow the user to be taken back to the exact place they ordered from (even if that means scrolling down the page).
  • Optionally display a quantity selector - but if users are not allowed to order multiple quantities of a product, the plugin will prevent them from adding it again.
  • Quantities can be updated and items removed from the cart during checkout, with prices re-calculated accordingly.
  • Discounts defined in nBill are taken into consideration when showing the cart summary.
  • Shipping can be calculated according to the shipping rules set up in nBill.
  • Cart can be saved in a cookie for up to 30 days in case the user wants to come back later (saved cart can also be discarded without the user having to clear all their cookies).
  • Checkout form is customisable, so you can capture extra data as you would with a normal nBill order form.
  • When showing the item count in the module, you can choose whether to multiply the number of different products ordered by the quantity or not.
  • Open source (GPL) licensed (please note however, that it relies on the standard edition of nBill being present, and that is NOT open source).

It does NOT include certain features that you might find in a more advanced shopping cart system (eg. stock control, product attributes). It is not designed for multi-vendor use (nCart always uses the default vendor record). It does not integrate with standard nBill order forms - it just has its own single checkout form.

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You can download the complete nCart documentation.

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